Photo Vidya


Vintage India, in pics.

Kangchenjunga - Highest Mountain in India - Darjeeling 1890's

Source: ebay

1936 Photograph of Nanda Devi - Second Highest Mountain in India
Pahari group at Bazaar in Town - Temples in Background - Samuel Bourne 1863

Street Coconut Seller - Bombay (Mumbai) - 1930's
Source: ebay

Amber Square Jaipur - Rajasthan 1912
Source: ebay
Street Scene Madras (Chennai) - India 1890's
Source: ebay
Studio Photograph of Sikkim Kazies - India 1880's
Source: ebay
Portrait of Eight Victims of Famine of 1877-78
Tipu Sultan Mosque Calcutta (Kolkata) - 1890's
Group of Native Children - Bombay (Mumbai)

Source: ebay


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